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Law is a high-intensity, high-demand profession.

I was there, both as a practicing lawyer and in management.

So I created a course that taught law students how to manage stress, build resilience, enhance their emotional intelligence skills, increase productivity and performance, and find their why, so that they could build a career that sustained them.

Then practicing lawyers started saying, “Hey, I need that. I could use that right now,” and "I wish I had that in law school."

You spoke. I listened. Opt-in below for free resources. Choose the course or coaching that suits you:

Productivity Tools and Resources

Quick tools and strategies for staying on top of your game. Opt in below to access and download infographics, assessment tools and view animated videos.


Visually dynamic, succinct infographics help us gain and retain useful information quickly and easily. Looking for brain tips, or wondering about foods that beat stress and fuel focus? You’re in the right place.

Thrive Bites

Quick tips and tools for improving productivity, performance, and personal satisfaction in bite-sized videos. Just have a minute? Take a break, grab a snack, and learn something new--or reinforce what you already know. You'll be glad you did.

Find Your Why

Use this values assessment to guide you toward a satisfying and sustainable practice. Because the alternative isn’t an option.

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What We Do For You

You’re a motivated attorney ready to level up and find more satisfaction in practice and in life. One size doesn’t fit all. Let’s see which program is right for you. 

The Emotionally Intelligent Lawyer Series

Embrace a high-performance mindset, increase resilience, lower stress, or all three. Delivered in succinct recorded modules packed with tools and strategies for deep and rapid learning. 

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Lawyer Life Reimagined

Six-week intensive for those who want to level up their practice performance, increase mental agility, better utilize stress and  enhance their overall practice/life satisfaction, in facilitated interactive small-group sessions. 

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Solo Flyer Coaching / VIP MAP Intensive

You’re ready to remove mental barriers, convert stress into motivation, take charge of your career, and establish a lasting achievement mindset with forward momentum. 

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"Judith is THE performance coach for attorneys. Being an attorney, she understands the pressures, stress and productivity issues that attorneys face every day. Judith has added value to my practice and will undoubtedly add value to yours."

Christian Kim, Law Firm Managing Partner

"Judith Gordon is an extraordinary coach. In a relatively short period of time, she helped me unlock some thought patterns that were holding me back in my practice and in life. I feel truly lucky that I was able to work with her and be on the receiving end of her brilliant insights. They have made a world of difference!"

Alexis James, Law Firm Managing Partner

"My job as a litigator and trial attorney in a high-stress practice was making me sick. I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Working with Judith turned my life around and helped me build tools around resiliency, making sure my practice fit with my values and navigating conflict. Now I am thriving in my career and feel very fulfilled in my work."

Kevin G. Reyes, Attorney

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