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The Emotionally Intelligent Lawyer Series

Essential Skills for Success in Law

Practice with greater energy, confidence, resilience, and enjoyment

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein

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High-Performance Mindset Training

You're smart and a problem solver, yet too often, the work feels like an insurmountable effort. How do you cultivate the right mindset, so that you're efficient, effective and motivated? High-Performance Mindset Training provides you with tools and strategies for optimizing your performance, creating a clear path to productivity, and overcoming the elements that can get in the way, so that you get your work done with energy to spare and you’re able to stay on top of your game. 


The Resilience Zone

Practicing law comes with great responsibility, and practice is full of daily unexpected surprises. How do we manage the challenges, surprises, and burdens  that come with representing clients, while maintaining our equilibrium and clarity? Most of us weren't taught how to manage those responsibilities or the burden that comes with it. The better we’re able to engage with those surprises, the better we feel and perform in practice. This course provides five immediately applicable strategies for building resilience, even in the midst of a crisis.


The Science of Befriending Stress

Deadlines are looming. Clients are calling. The pressure is mounting. You feel stressed and overwhelmed. Coffee and KitKats aren't moving the needle. This course shows you how to create a completely new relationship with stress, so that you understand it, befriend it and convert it into useful, productive, even uplifting, energy. Learn to regulate your nervous system, apply mental strategies that shift anxiety and other unuseful narratives, and which foods to eat to fight stress.


Each course includes 

  • Video training in succinct modules
  • Course materials
  • Community forum
  • Email support 

Who will benefit from this series?

  • You’re self-directed
  • You’re ready to level up your performance
  • You enjoy learning on your own time
  • You have an open mind and flexible thinking
  • You benefit from quick, effective tools and strategies that you’re willing to test and apply 


Elevate your practice tools and strategies to conquer stress, improve performance, cultivate resilience.

Save $200

"My job as a litigator and trial attorney in a high-stress practice was making me sick. I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Working with Judith turned my life around and helped me build tools around resiliency, making sure my practice fit with my values, and navigating conflict. Now I am thriving in my career and feel very fulfilled in my work. I now think of being a lawyer as a career instead of just a job." 

Kevin G. Reyes, Attorney

"I used the steps you gave us for dealing with moments of "mental hijack," and it really worked! I am a member of the Negotiation Honors program and we are preparing for a competition in Houston, Texas at the end of this month. I panicked before a practice round and it seemed like all the information escaped my mind right before I was supposed to make an introduction. I then remembered what you said, started to breathe, and collected myself. "

Gayane Ghandilyan, Law Student

"Your course was extremely valuable, especially during bar prep! I made sure to focus as much as a could, but gave myself ample mental breaks. I meditated, and made sure to self-evaluate to see how I was doing mentally.  At one point, I recognized that after really tuning into myself, I needed to change course. I listened to myself and I’m happy to report that I was successful. The lessons of your class were extremely helpful. Thank you for everything you taught me!"

Jessica Mejorado, Attorney