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Ready to Boost Lawyer Productivity, Performance and Wellbeing?

Burnout, anxiety and stress-related malaise are rampant in the legal profession, yet they don't have to be. Fulfillment, wellbeing and joy are not incompatible with the high-intensity, high-demand practice of law. 

Being energized and uplifted drives high performance considerably more effectively than deadlines, compensation and stress.

Grounded in emotional intelligence and neurobiology, Center for Thriving in Law programs equip lawyers with the tools and strategies they need to build long-term, sustainable careers, so that they and their firms thrive in the practice of law.  
Our online training and live programs provide attorneys, practice groups and firms with the resources needed to maximize productivity, improve performance, build mental acuity and emotional stamina, and increase practice enjoyment and retention.

These programs are i
deal for firms that are serious about developing their people—their human capital.
Choose from our signature programs or work with me to design programs that align with your learning objectives.

ThrivingMind Series:
A Burnout-Free Approach to High Performance

Format: six modules for cohorts of 10-15 attorneys

This six-module program takes a cohort of attorneys through the fundamentals of high-performance mindset training. This program introduces emotional intelligence, stress management, resilience-building, communication, and collaboration skills. Participating attorneys are able to apply the program tools and strategies to their workday and their workloads immediately. The cohort reinforces the learning and the behavior, modifying as needed, so that they optimize productivity, increase energy, transform stress, and thrive in the practice of law and beyond.

Why bring this program to your firm or organization?

  • Participants apply the tools and strategies acquired in each module to their work between sessions, then share their experiences, reinforcing their efficacy and modifying, if needed
  • Participants form an internal network that augments their experience and knowledge, as well as strengthens their connection to the firm
  • Increased engagement and collaboration substantially boost practice innovation, retention and the bottom line
 Research shows that:
  • Unaddressed stress creates a drag on firm resources in the form of lost productivity costs, health care costs, and unrealized profits
  • Internal networks increase collaboration and strengthen culture which enhance client loyalty and longevity
  • Micro-changes yield macro-improvements

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Warranty Void: The Science of Productivity, Performance, and Personal Satisfaction in Practice

Much of our work-related stress and fatigue is a product of our technology-driven work practices—practices that are at odds with the way we were designed. This program offers an engaging, interactive primer in how our brains and nervous systems are designed to work, which is then applied to our day-to-day work in a technology-driven environment, so that we practice with greater energy, productivity, performance and satisfaction.

Why bring this program to your firm or organization?

  • Understanding how the brain is designed for optimal cognitive function allows attorneys to manage their workloads, so that they get the most out of their effort
  • Understanding the physiology of stress and how to manage one’s nervous system alleviates much of the self-generated stress that interferes with productivity and performance
  • Participants are able to immediately apply tools and strategies to work that improve practice productivity and enjoyment

Options: 90 minutes, half-day, full day

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Firm subscriptions provide unlimited access to all Center resources and online courses for the entire firm. Contact us below for information on pricing.

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