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Lawyer Life Reimagined

Lawyer Life Reimagined: Feel Better, Work Better, Practice with Greater Confidence and Enjoyment [and have time for the other things you love]

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  • having sustained focus, energy, and productivity, and knowing how to regain it when needed.
  • redefining your relationship with stress, so that you know how to use that energy to your advantage
  • feeling confident and resilient, especially in challenging times
  • having the skills to manage the myriad relationships required you juggle: clients, opposing counsel, partners, associates, employees, court personnel, etc.
  • possessing the tools, skills and strategies needed to excel in the high-intensity, high-demand environment that is law

Imagine making the shift from:

  • Busy to Productive
  • Fatigued to Energized
  • Stressed to Steady
  • Overwhelmed to Efficient
  • Burnout to High-performing

Hack your lawyer life, so that you thrive.

Fulfillment, wellbeing and joy are not incompatible with the high-intensity, high-demand practice of law. Being energized and uplifted drives high performance considerably more effectively than deadlines and stress.

Who this is for:

  • You're ready for a sane approach to high performance so that you excel in your high-pressure practice without burnout
  • You want to minimize stress, and boost performance, resilience and confidence--and you're willing to take action and practice skills that do that
  • You have flexible thinking and are willing to explore your mindset strengths and blocks (we all have them)
  • You’re ready to strengthen your emotional intelligence and mental agility skills 
  • You’re willing to take action and apply new strategies to improve practice and life satisfaction
  • You're ready to level up your practice experience--more energy, engagement and enjoyment
  • You're ready to replace the Lawyer Success Myth with your own definition of success
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Grounded in principles of emotional intelligence and neurobiology, Lawyer Life Reimagined includes

  • Six-week live intensive + 6 months drop-in to ongoing sessions 
  • Mindset Assessment: to identify blocks and move beyond them
  • Values Assessment: to forge a more meaningful practice
  • Mastermind Group: to support your progress
  • Three complete recorded programs:
    • High-Performance Mindset Training: How and Why 3Ms Impact Productivity and Performance 
    • The Resilience Zone: Resilience Training for Thriving in Practice and Beyond 
    • The Science of Befriending Stress 
  • SEISMIC Blueprint for a Sustainable Career
  • Private community forum
  • Interim support
  • Access to the videos and materials beyond the duration of the program

Next program begins May 2021.


"My job as a litigator and trial attorney in a high-stress practice was making me sick. I was almost ready to throw in the towel. Working with Judith turned my life around and helped me build tools around resiliency, making sure my practice fit with my values and navigating conflict. Now I am thriving in my career and feel very fulfilled in my work. I now think of being a lawyer as a career instead of just a job."

Kevin G. Reyes, Attorney

"Judith Gordon is an extraordinary coach. In a relatively short period of time, she helped me unlock some thought patterns that were holding me back in my practice and in life. I feel truly lucky that I was able to work with her and be on the receiving end of her brilliant insights. They have made a world of difference!"

Alexis James, Law Firm Managing Partner

"Judith is THE performance coach for attorneys. Being an attorney, she understands the pressures, stress and productivity issues that attorneys face every day. Judith has added value to my practice and will undoubtedly add value to yours."

Christian Kim, Law Firm Managing Partner