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High Performance Mindset Training

How and Why Mood, Mindset and Motivation Impact Productivity and Performance


Wondering why a lawyer would need high-performance mindset training? You’re already a high-performer.

Are there certain matters or tasks that you tend to keep pushing off, moving it on your calendar until the deadline is looming? Are there aspects of your practice that you approach with less enthusiasm, that you’d rather not do, but can’t delegate? And given those tendencies (we all have them!) can we really do our best if we’re just not that into it?

This course addresses those cognitive and noncognitive influencers that impede performance—the ones you’re aware of and the ones that pester you almost imperceptibly—and shows you how to overcome them so they don’t get in your way again.

This course covers:

  • How mood, mindset and motivation influence our productivity and performance in four succinct modules
  • Actionable tools for getting into the right mode to match the matter at hand, when you need it
  • Printable downloads to support your progress
    Pdfs of the slides and course transcript
  • Community forum to comment and share with other lawyers in the course
  • Direct communication with the course instructor

As with all new concepts, to benefit most, keep your mind open and thinking flexible.

Elevate your productivity and performance. 

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*CLE-eligible in most states. Please check with your State Bar for self-study credit.


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