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The Resilience Zone

Resilience Training for Thriving in Practice and Beyond

Practicing law comes with great responsibility.


Most of us weren't taught how to manage those responsibilities or the burdens that come with representing clients.

Practice is full of surprises. The better we’re able to engage with those surprises, the better we feel and perform in practice.

This course covers:

  1. How to identify our biggest impediment to resilience
  2. The physiology of a resilient brain 
  3. How to build mental and emotional resilience to strengthen the neural connections that support physiological resilience
  4. Actionable steps to build resilience to easily implement and adapt when you’re in the midst of a challenge
  5. Additional resilience influencers and approaches

The program also includes:

  • Printable downloads to support your progress
  • Downloads of slides and course transcript
  • Community forum to connect and share with other lawyers in the course
  • Direct access to your course instructor

As with all new concepts, to benefit most, keep your mind open and thinking flexible.

Thrive in practice and beyond.

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*CLE-eligible in most states. Please check with your State Bar for self-study credit.


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